HAPPY 2015!!!!!!

Hey Guys!

Thanks for all the views on all of the views on my past story, but  anyway! I hope to have a prosporous year, and I fun year too! I would really love to write in the blog more for 2015, I mentioned yesterday that I would love to do some giveaways and contests. Please comment if you would like to be in one of these, also comment what stores/things you would like me to giveaway and I will start thinking of one soon!

My new years resolutions are to be more happy with my self and be more confident. I would also like to take a photo of myself every day of 2015 to show how different I am throughout the year. I am also hoping to be more organized through 2015 and be able to do more because of my organization. I would like to workout everyday/become more fit, becuase even though I play sports I am not always confident with myself. With that I would also like to become more flexible.

In this year I am looking forward to owning/ buying more clothes, that sounds very bad, but I love shopping for clothes. I am hoping to develop my style more and to become more confident with my style and the way I dress.


Screen Shot 2014-12-21 at 3.03.44 PM(aka kate winnsss!!)


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