Hey Guys!

Okay so I love pinterest, its great and I could easily spend hours on pinterest, or making crafts on my diy board. I am just so addicted to pinterest. On my pinterest board is everything from diy to prep for my 2015 summer trip to Japan.

So basically pinterest is basically my favorite place because I can talk about diy, I can pin about my new preppy style and I can pin gifts that I would like to buy or recieve. This Christmas, I pinned everything that I wanted for Christmas, I then sent my list to my Family and friends.

Currently my favorite board to pin on is my prep board. On this board I have pinned cool monagrams, cool monogrammed products and cute preppy products. I love to pin on this board because I get to find cute things I love/ would love to have.

Another board that I love to pin on is the before mentioned Summer in Japan board. On this board I have clothes, tips and fun things for our 2015 trip to Japan in the summer. This has alot of travel tips in addition to tips for Japan.

Have a great day, and a great week!

Screen Shot 2014-12-21 at 3.03.44 PM(aka kate winnsssss!!!!)


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