Triangl and Dupes

Hey Guys,

Today I will be talking about Triangl Bikini and Bikini Dupes. So most of you guys must know what Triangl Bikinis are, but if you don’t they are the trediest most basic swimsuits out on the market.

Triangl bikinis are sold only by Triangl’s website. They range from $69 to $79. They come in a set of top and bottom, and if you guys are different sizes in top and bottom they do that too. They have bandeau styles, triangl style and bra like balconet style.

At Victoria’s Secret Pink they have a triangle style and a bandeau style like the Triangl suits. These ones are sold seperate top and bottom but they tend to have alot of sales at Victoria’s Secret so they may be cheaper. Also sometimes the Triangl suits don’t cover the chest so well, and the Victoria’s Secret is known for that so they must be good. They are currently on the website.

They also have Triangl dupes on etsy. On this video: has the etsy link and compares the Triangl and the dupe.

Screen Shot 2014-12-21 at 3.03.44 PM(aka kate winssss!!!!!)


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