Lululemon Addict

Hi guys, My name is Kate and I’m a lululemon addict.

**support group answers “hi kate!”**

anyway guys, as you may or may not know I am obsesssed with lululemon. So it basically all started 2 years ago when I bought a blue headband with my friends on an Americana visit. Since then, my closet has basically exploded with lulu (a running count of 10 headbands, 3 shirts, 3 pairs of leggings, 3 pairs of shorts and 3 pairs of spandex) #wow. I know its kinda expensive, but if you wear leggings as often as I do (which is way too much because I refuse to buy jeans because I can’t find a pair that fit right) than it ends up making sense.
Take for example a pair of leggings from Forever 21 vs. Lululemon, okay so leggings from Forever 21 are $4 and lululemon leggings are $80. So the last time I bought Forever 21 leggings they ripped, they were for a costume, so it was alright, but honestly they aren’t that great and I never really cared for them. Forever 21 leggings are also not the same quality as Lululemon. The Forever 21 leggings were never as thick or nice feeling as Lululemon ones.

anyway that’s my opinion! hope y’all have a great day

(aka kate wins!!!!)


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