My School Favorites

1. Lilly Pulitzer 2015 Agenda: This agenda helps you to keep organized, and with a Lilly Pulitzer pattern on the front and cute images inside. This is one of the best things I own. -$33

2. Chuck Taylor Classic Converse: These are the most simple easy shoes for class. They are comfortable, and simple, but also the best things ever!-$50

3. Macbook Pro 13inch: You can get whichever version, how ever many gigabytes for what you need, or what your budget permits. Apple computers are amazing, and if they break, Apple care is very much worth the money.-$1,100-1,800

4. Hershel Backpack: This is a very strong, very durable backpack. It can come in very cute colors, and you can ever get yours monogrammed like I got mine! -$60

5. Gelly Roll Medium Metallic Pens: These pens are the best. I feel like a five year old when ever I use them, because they are so colorful and shiny! I love gel pens!-$15

6. kate spade new york Gold Shiny Dots pencil pouch: This pencil pouch is just the right size to hold 12 pens 12 pencils and a few sharpies, the pouch itself comes with 2 pencils, a sharpener, an eraser and a ruler.-$30

Hey guys,

I hope you all liked this post, which I made with polyvore. I am going to do more posts like these using polyvore, please comment if you enjoyed this!

xoxo, (kate wins!)

Screen Shot 2014-12-21 at 3.03.44 PM


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