Spring 2015 Swimwear and Acessory Favorites

  1. Victoria’s Secret Pink Zip Front Bandeau and Scalloped Mini Bikini Bottom: This bikini fits very well, and is very flattering, considering it is just neoprene. The bottoms are so cute, and go with any of suits. -Top $33 Bottom $25
  2. Triangl Winnie Rosewolf: This popular swim brand, is very trendy, its also very cute. This certain style is called Winnie, and is very cute. -Full Suit $89
  3. Victoria’s Secret Pink Flip Flops in Mint Ombre: These really cute flip flops match the bathing suit in the mint color. -$12
  4. Haviana’s Flip Flops: These are my tride and true flip flops, they are perfect for the beach because they don’t catch sand very well! -$20
  5. Topshop Blue Plunge Bikini Top and Side Tie Bottom: This cute suit from Topshop is very simple, but also very flattering. In addition I also love this blue color. -$42 for full suit
  6. Lululemon Boogie Shorts:  These shorts are the best to wear under anything as spandex, or for yoga, or even for swimming. These shorts are really nice because they don’t ride up. -$48
  7. Aeropostale Braided Faux Leather Flip Flop: These are really cute sandals to wear around for spring and summer, or in hot weather. -$12
  8. Victoria’s Secret Pink Wet Bikini Bag: This is the best thing I own, because I hate when I take off my wet swimsuit putting it in a plastic bag, because it is very wasteful. I also hate putting it in my beach bag because it makes everything else in my bag wet. This is the perfect solution. -$15
  9. Hit The Beach Bikini Bag: This is another bikini bag, it helps keep your bikini safe, without getting your whole bag wet. -$20
  10. Jack Rogers Navajo Classic Sandal: These are simply the best sandals, They are perfect for spring and summer, and they are especially nice for Easter events at the country club. -$110

Thank you guys for reading! Comment your favorite Spring Swimwear favorites!


Screen Shot 2014-12-21 at 3.03.44 PM(aka kate winsss!)


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