Succulent Sunday

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hey guys!

happy sunday! today I am gonna be talking about succlents! Last week, my sister Alix and I went to Rogers Gardens down in Corona del Mar. We went with our parents to grab a few new plants for spring. While we were there, Alix and I became attracted to the succulents (lol sounds so basic). Alix took some pictures of our favorites!

the first photo is the selections they had together for a terrarium!

the second photo is all of the selections of single potted succulents

the third photo is their cute cacti that they also had at Rogers

the fourth photo is more cacti—the ones that pocked me!

the fifth is the succulents alix and I ended up with! alix had the single flower one, and I had the multi-flower one!

the sixth one is me, with my succulent, lol my shorts!

the seventh one is of the bigger potted succulents

At the end of this trip, Alix and I decided that we would only walk away with two, for the day, and that we would make a larger terrarium while we are doing our summer projects. Alix and I have been doing the research on the perfect succulents for our terrarium, and we have picked out the ones we will be planning on buying for the terrarium. I will keep y’all up with our process of building the terrarium this summer!

don’t forget to check out alix’s blog, and alix’s photo blog

and comment your favorite photo!

thanks guys for reading, if y’all want another one of these like maybe a haul, please comment


Screen Shot 2014-12-21 at 3.03.44 PM(aka kate wins!)


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