How to Take Better IPhone Photos

hey guys!

today I am gonna be showing you how to take better iphone photos, because not everyone has enough money to buy a nice dslr to take photos with. Iphone photos are also really nice because then you can upload them straight away to social media! lets get started!

  1. One of my favorite things to take iphotos on an iphone is with another lense. I like the ollo-clip.  You clip it onto your phone, and just start snapping! They even have different lenses, like fish eye!
  2. Don’t zoom in on the iphone! Zooming in on the iphone just makes the photo blurry, If you can, go closer up to the subject to take a better photo.
  3. Take the picture more than once! Imagine, you are taking a photo with your favorite celebrity, (a moment you would wanna post on instagram!) and the one that you take, you are blinking! If you took more than one, chances are that you wouldn’t blink in all of them!
  4. If you simply want better quality photos, turn your iphone on the HDR settings on! These photos take a little longer, but really are cute!
  5. Use the camera grid. Sometimes using the camera grid is actually really helpful, if you are trying to line things up!
  6. The flash on the iphones kinda suck, so photos look better with the flash off. But if you have to use flash, use it!
  7. If you want photos to fit on instagram perfectly, without any cropping, take your photos in the square mode on your phone. Taking the group photo in the square mode is the easiest way to make sure you get everyone in the shot.
  8. (Optional last step) If you are posting on instagram and want to edit your photo, please use apps to edit the photo. The instagram filters just look tacky and fake. Get VSCO Cam, or Afterlight.

thanks guys! I hope you take these notes to heart if you want to take better iphone photos! Comment if you liked the article or want another “how to.”

just letting you know, no post on the 5th, because easter! i am doing my media fast on the 6th (monday)! wish me luck! see ya on the 7th!


Screen Shot 2014-12-21 at 3.03.44 PM(aka kate wins!)


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