My Media Fast (April 6th, 2015)

hey guys!

I wanna tell you about my wonderful experience of media fasting! On April 6th, the day after easter I woke up, the first day without the alarm on my phone in awhile! Now I am on Spring Break right now, and on this day I was on spring break. I locked my phone in a drawer in my house and went about my day. It is so interesting to think about how much i really use my phone!

I went out to the market with my mom, and I talked to her in the store, like an actual conversation. I really enjoyed myself out with my mom, and realized that I should spend more time unpluggeded,

I went running, without my ipod and music, now running with no background noise for me, was really hard. But I just thought back to my health teacher, and what she says she feels about running. She always told us to get into our heads, and how its a solemn time of thinking and excercise. I think I enjoyed my run for the first time, I thought of it more as fun then as excercise.

To continue my media fast, I came into my house and made lunch for myself, (a recipe that I need to online instruction!) grilled cheese with carmelized onions. Now just sitting in the quiet of my own home, eating felt really good. I sat and pondered about how I was gonna use the rest of my day, after all it was only 12:30 in the afternoon.

The next thing I did, was I took time to draw and paint. I am taking a design class, and was working on my deisgns for our fashion show on April 23rd. I am making clothing and acessories out of office supplies! Its much cooler than it sounds! I am making a purse out of coffee filters and paper clips. I drew alot, of mandalas and a lot of sketching.

It was only 2:30 in the afternoon when I decided that I was bored. The only thing that is bad about the media fast is that you can get very bored very fast. It is also very bad that I am so dependant on media and my computer, to do things and to have fun.

So next thing I did, I read, like an actual book. Not an ebook. I read some of Paper Towns by John Green. I have read this book many times before, but not stopping to answer to a text. I read so quickly because I enjoy the plot so much!

I then helped my mom make dinner. We made a stir-fry, and I made my recipe for baked cream cheese rangoons, use this recipe, its good! I don’t eat seafood, so I didn’t use the shrimp, but it is still really good! Cooking with my Mom was very fun! We enjoyed making our stir-fry and noodles and we just laughed so much!

After dinner, when we usually watch tv, my mom and I played Monopoly! It was so great! We had so much fun! It was crazy, and she beat me! I learned that my mom is a really good Monopoly player, and I learned that I need more practice in the art of Monopoly!

I then went to sleep early, at 9 ish. Overall looking at the day, it was fun because I spent time with people, not with my screen. Even though sometimes in the day I was really bored, I really enjoyed this day.


Screen Shot 2014-12-21 at 3.03.44 PM(aka kate wins!)


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