Preppy Disneyland Essentials

hey guys! I am visiting Disneyland on April 18th! I am so excited! I wanted to share with you guys some of my essentials for visiting Disney! Here are my essentials:

1. A Comfy Outfit and Shoes: As you can see in my photo above, I picked a plain T-shirt and comfy shorts. I love the pattern shorts, and just plain shorts that look like pajamas! This comfortable outfit will keep you nice comfy in the terrible lines in the rides too! This will also keep you cool because its 90 degrees in California right now.

2. Park Ears: Park Ears make you feel more into going on rides and feeling very disney! My hair always needs a headband to wear too, so this is nice because they are very festive.

3. A Big/Backpack/Purse: For me at least, a big purse makes things easier to carry with you. I am bringing my Longchamp bag because it is cuter than a backpack, but it is still a really good size for carrying everything that you need!

4. A Camera Phone/Camera: Well most phones now have cameras anyway, but the IPhone camera is not too good. I am bringing my Canon EOS M Mirrorless Digital Camera because it is pretty small, and it takes really good pictures.

5. Sunglasses: Now as I have said before, it has been 90 degrees in California recently, and its very sunny. To block the sun, because you really need to, you should bring sunglasses! I know this a “No-Duh!” thing to bring, but you’d be surprised how many times I have forgotten my sunglasses.

okay guys! thanks for reading this article. comment if you have any essentials that you would like to suggest. a little addition, I will be posting my disneyland photos on the 21st, and a different article scheduled to post on the 19th because I will be busy finishing up weekend stuff!

! xoxo (aka kate winss!)


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