Looks for Less #1

hey guys,

So I have been thinking recently how expensive preppy clothes are actually are. So here I am gonna share two examples of the looks for less, and how to earn money/where to buy preppy things for less $$.

The Look for Less-Lilly Dress

these two dresses are both Lilly Pulitzer. One is from Target, and the other is from Lilly Pulitzer. Obviously the one from Target is gonna be not as nice, and they are not the exact same print, but if you are going for something that really looks like Lilly for cheap, just buy the one from Target.

Screen Shot 2015-03-31 at 5.24.09 PM

these two vests are basic puffer vests, one is from Patagonia and the other is from Mango. As along with the last one, the Mango one is not gonna be as nice, but this is still gonna be the look at you are going for!

Other tips for getting cheaper preppy clothes:

1. Just buy the basics, buy the things you need. If you don’t require a Kate Spade Purse, you do not need to buy one!

2. Buy Used Stuff. You can buy stuff from Poshmark , alot of people sell new things that they have never worn, but cannot return anymore.

3. Shop at factory stores and Nordstrom rack, you will find nice things that are “out of season.”

4. Take things that you already own, and buy the preppy acessories, to make your look more preppy.

thanks for reading guys! love y’all!


Screen Shot 2014-12-21 at 3.03.44 PM(aka kate winss!)


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