How I Get Ready in the Morning

hey guys!

I wanted to share with you my tips for getting ready in the morning. On most days, (since I go to an all girls school) I just wake-up, eat, brush my hair and my teeth then go to bed. On the weekends I have a special rountine.

The first thing is I wake up (obviously) but I physically wake up myself with cold water on my face. I either use scrub or one of my two (1) (2) masks.

I then go and eat a breakfast, sometimes on weekends I eat with my family, and sometimes I make my own breakfast. But I sit with my mask on either way and enjoy my breaky! I enjoy mostly oatmeal or breakfast burritos. And a cup of green tea or water.

I then wash my mask off. I wash my face with my clarisonic and purity. I proceed to do my makeup.

I start with Boi-Ing Concealer, and then Mario Badescu Healing Powder. I then curl my eyelashes. I use the Brow and Lash Gel from the Body Shop. And that is the end, for just going out and running errrands and stuff, and sometimes shopping and etc for weekend stuff. My events routine is a little more extensive, but that is my morning routine.

Hope y’all enjoyed this little piece!

Screen Shot 2014-12-21 at 3.03.44 PM(aka kate winss!)


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