Lilly for Target Haul + My Experience with Lilly for Target

hey guys!

I want to share with you guys what I got from Lilly Pulitzer from Target, and my experience. I am also going to remind you guys, I am not trying to brag about the things I came away with. I know many people (even some of my friends) who came away with nothing. I just wanted to show y’all some of the things I have, and will maybe be wearing in later posts! So here we go!

Okay, so the things I bought:

Lilly for Target Shift Dresses in Fan Dance and See Ya Later

Okay this is left to right: Shift Dress in Fan Dance , Shift Dress in See Ya Later


okay, now this a Tank Top in Nosie Posey

Lilly Pulitzer Towels

these are the beach towels! One in Giraffeeey and one in Sea Urchin for You

Lilly Pulitzre for Target Headbands

I recieved two headbands, both in Nosie Posey. I got a Wrap Headband and a little girls headband!

Lilly Pulitzer Beauty Bag

and lastly a beauty bag in My Fans

Now, I am going to share with you my experience with Lilly Pulitzer for Target. It was the imfamous day, April 19th 2015, aka Pink Sunday! So basically, I went at 8:45 in the morning to my local target. I was so excited, and assumed that most of the things would be there. THERE WAS NOTHING THERE! Except for the beauty bag and little girls headband in Nosie Posey. I was so upset!

I was just so angry that I couldn’t get anything. Then I looked on poshmark (the day Lilly for Target came out!) I found everything that I wanted but 5 times the price! This made me so sad that people bought enough to sell stuff online!

So we went back the next day to my local target store, at the time they opened. I walked in and ran to the Lilly section and TWO DRESSES were there! I was so excited. Apparently they got the dresses in overnight! I bought the shift dresses in Fan Dance and See Ya Later.

Then my mom went on Tuesday, after she dropped me off at school. She found everything else we ended up with so the headband and the shirt!

This experience made me realize that people are crazy, and target is crazier for not being ready for all the girls who would KILL to own everything in the line (me being one of them)!

Hope you guys enjoyed this! And I hope that you all got what you wanted. If you guys wanna share with me what you got (if you got anything)/ your experience with this line for target! Thanks for reading!


Screen Shot 2014-12-21 at 3.03.44 PM(aka kate wins!)


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