Exam Tips

hey guys!

I know that my exams are coming up, so I wanted to share my exam tips for finals, and those big important tests at the end of the year!

here we go:

1. Chew a Piece of Gum while Studying, then Chew it While You are taking the Exam: This trick doesn’t work for many people, because they can’t chew gum at school or it just doesn’t work for you. This works for me. Now I go to a private school, and they usually don’t let you chew gum, but since I ask ahead of time to my proctors, they let me chew the gum. I like to chew bubble mint flavor by any brand!

2. Make Flashcards: Okay, now I know this sounds like a no-brainer, but I always make flashcards because writing things twice helps me remember it better.

3. Get some Sleep: Okay, I know that it is very important to study, but sleep is also very important. Sleep actually helps you remember more of what you study. Also when you sleep more, you perform better on the exams.

4. Start Early: This will help you get more sleep too. I like to make my study guides and flashcards early, and start early picking up more and more things along the way.

5. Get Organized: Right when I get study guides from my teachers, I like to grab a binder, or a notebook with a folder pocket and make study guides and flashcards. This organization helps it be easier when I am driving around just to pick up my binder and easily study.

6. Ask Questions: Okay, this one is very important. Any time you have extra time, a free block, an office hours session or before/after school go to your teachers, and ask the questions you need. Some of the classes right before the final you might not have time to ask the question or the teacher might not be willing to answer the question.

7. Energize Your Mind on the Day of the Exam: The morning of the exam, don’t go crazy studying and trying to cram. If you are cramming now, its not good. In the morning before my finals I like to do a crossword puzzle or a sudoku puzzle, or something like that!

hope y’all enjoyed this, and hope you do well on your finals!


Screen Shot 2014-12-21 at 3.03.44 PM(aka kate winss!)


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