Summer Favorites

hey guys!

I wanted to share with you guys, my summer favorites! Since my exams just ended for me its finally summer! I will share my summer favorites in my first week of summer!

1. Supergoop Sunscreen: This is a must have, especially for me, and my very fair skin. This sunscreen is great because it is really not very sticky!

2. Tervis Tumblr: I love this cup because its personalized! Since its double walled it keeps the drinks and the ice very cold in the cup. This cup is amazing for days in summer school or at the beach!

3. Vineyard Vines Towel: A towel is a staple for summer and I love this and think this is just so cute the logo and everything!

4. Victoria Secret Pink Wet Bikini Bag: Okay, I know I talk about this all the time, but I LOVE THIS! This is the greatest invention ever, and I have used it so many times, and I know that I will use it so many more times.

5. Nikon 1 J5 Camera: This is the camera I own, and I enjoy it. Its the size of a little camera, but the lens is almost like a dslr lens.

6. Pink Beaded Tassel Necklace: I personally love how tassel necklaces look! I think they are so chic, and so stylish.

7. Wishing Elephant Bracelet: This wishing bracelet from Stella and Dot is just so cute! I am obsessed with elephants, and love how this bracelet looks!

8. ‘Hello Stranger’ Kate Spade New York IPhone Case: You guys all know that I am a huge fan of Kate Spade, and this lavender case is just very cute, and summery!

9. Havianas Flip Flops in Dark Purple: You guys have already seen, my love for Havianas flip flops. They are just so easy, and they are a ton nicer than the ones you can buy at Target.

10. Brandy Melville Keychain and iPhone Case: These are sold not together, but they are no longer sold! That is so sad, but these are such cute little things, practically made for summer!

thanks all, if you guys wanna comment or share some of your own summer favorites, please share them with me!


Screen Shot 2014-12-21 at 3.03.44 PM(aka kate wins!)


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