Whats in my Beach Bag?

hey guys!

so since its summer for me, and I am guess most of you guys, I wanted to share with you guys whats in my beach bag!

here we go:

1. Victoria Secret Pink Beach Tote: First of all, you need a beach tote! I like this one because its simple, and deifinitely big enought to carry all my stuff I need to bring! And this is not too expensive. -$19.95

2. Victoria’s Secret Pink Beach Towel: Okay, obviously a towel is a must bring because you get wet, or you need to lay on something. I just like this towel because it goes with my swimsuit! -$24.95

3. Haviana’s Slim Flip Flops in Light Lilac: These are really my favorite flip flops. These are really nice, and they go with all of my things, and the straps are perfect….just awwwww! -$26

4. Victoria’s Secret Pink Wet Bikini Bag: Okay I just hate when everything in my bag gets wet when I take my swimsuit off. This is a big helper for me. When I take off my swimsuit, I just put it in this bag, then zip it, and voila! My bag doesn’t get wet! -$15

5. Krass and Co. Campus Crush Shorts (in Purple): Okay, I don’t know about you guys, but I think athletic shorts are so comfy and I just love putting them on. I usually bring these for when I am sitting on the beach and reading. -$45

YOU! yes you can buy these shorts with 15% follow this link! pick the pair and the discount is automatically added!

6. Kate Spade New York Dalia2 Sunglasses (in Rose Gold): Okay, as well as a bag and towel, sunglasses are so important. Sitting on the beach you will not be able to see without them. -$145

7. Vineyard Vines Washed Twill Whale Logo Hat (in Cloud): This is another must have for the beach! Anyway, I just love Vineyard Vines hats, because they are simply perfect! Okay! Okay. -$28

hope y’all enjoyed my article, and comment if you liked this article.


Screen Shot 2014-12-21 at 3.03.44 PM(aka kate winss!)


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