Spruce Up Your Room for Summer

hey guys!

Today I wanted to share with you guys how I like to spruce up your room for summer! LETS GO!

1. Succulents/Terrarium Planters: I personally think that succulents and terrariums are the bomb. They are pretty plants with basically no maintanence so they are great decorations! Here is the terrarium pictured.

2. Nail Polish Storage: Okay, you guys are going to think this is crazy, but I actually think that this Nail Polish Storage is really cute and stylish. So I own WAYYY to many nail polishes, but I think just organizing the colors and puting them on my night table is just really cute! Here is where you can buy this. 

3. Throw Pillows: This is such an easy way to make your room summery! I just pair cute quirky pillows that match with my plain pink duvet! I paired these two pink pillows and they match so well! Hello Beautiful Pillow and Flamingo Pillow.

4. Picture Hangers: This is just a simple way to decorate your room and add a little personal touch. I love to print pictures of me and my friends on this! Here it is.

I hope you guys enjoy this! And Comment if you like any of these ideas, or tag me on a photo on instagram if you do any of these things!


kwe monogram(aka kate winss!)


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