how to wear birkenstock sandals-the preppy way!

hey guys!

so as I have said before, I own a pair of birkenstocks, now people either love how these sandals look, or hate how they look, I personally love them! here are some cute ways to style birkenstocks!

here we go:

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#1: The Preppy Way: You can pair birks with a cute sweater and a nice pair of pants. You can pair a oxford shirt with a sweater and jeans with white birks.

#2: The Casual Way: You can pair a cute pair of patterned flow-y shorts with a plain tee and birkenstocks for a cute casual outfit. You could also do a plain colored shorts with a patterned shirt.

#3: The Cute Way: You can go very plain, but very cute with this denim chambray shirt with these cute shorts!

#4: The Jeans Way: You can also go casual by pairing birkenstocks with boyfriend jeans! I like mine with the slim boyjean in kinsey wash from madewell.

#5 The Dress-y Way: You could also pair your birkenstocks with a dress. They are actually like super cute in this way.

hope you liked this!


kwe monogram(aka kate wins!)


5 thoughts on “how to wear birkenstock sandals-the preppy way!

    1. YES! They are footbed sandals so you basically wear them once and they curve to your foot. For me (especially) I have a really high arch in my foot and they are TOTALLY comfortable and I would recommend them!


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