How I Organize My Lilly Pulitzer Agenda

hey guys!

hows life lately? mine’s good!

since its almost lilly pulitzer agenda starting season i thought i would show you guys how i organize my agenda!

here we go:

first of all: size! i got the smallest size because my handwriting isn’t the biggest, and i wanted the size to be portable. and i got the agenda in scuba to cuba! so cute!!!

secondly: color coding! i use flags, colored pens, post it notes and wash tape to do this!

i use the flags for marking important things


i have a color code (using my colored pens)

i code for different things such as:


i use wash tape and post its on certain days:

to mark special events like birthdays and such!

lastly: I use my pens to help keep my self organized. At the beginning of every class, i pull out my agenda, and at the end of every class i pull out my agenda.

i hope you guys enjoyed this little article on how i keep my agenda organized.

comment if you enjoy the way i organize my agenda, to stay organized!


kwe monogram(aka kate wins!!)


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