Walk with Me for a Weekend – July 2015

hey guys!

I am starting a new series here on the blog, its gonna be posted at the end of each month and its gonna recap one weekend in a year!

so lets go!

this weekend I went to vidcon on thursday and part of friday

from the fail army booth!
me and crash course!
the sign and the convention center
at the panel
instagram booth
me and the vidicon sign at 6 am !

then i journeyed all the way to las vegas , and stayed at the wynn

wynn 4 wynn 4 wynn 5

and i had a little photo shoot with my sister, spinning and having fun at the wynn

vegas 3
the canal shoppes

wynn 6 wynn 7 wynn 8

more photoshoot fun lol!

wynn 9 vegas 7 wynn 10 wins at the wynn vegas 9 vegas 10 wynn 10 wynn 11 wynn 3 wynn 1 wynn flower statue wynn 2 vegas 2 IMG_2262

i had so much fun this weekend and wanted to share my photos!


kwe monogram(aka kate wins)


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