My Fit Bit Review

hey guys!

i have been wanting to share this article with you guys, because i actually get asked ALOT how I like my fitbit or how I feel about it

so lets get started:


  1. its a MAJOR motivation! : when its 3:00pm and you only have 3 out of 5 dots done, this really makes you wanna get up and start moving.
  2. it tracks your SLEEP! : you just turn on sleep mode by tapping the area repeatedly (and it will vibrate to tell you its on sleep mode) and make it little looser so it doesn’t cut off circulation.
  3. its not TOO expensive! : some activity trackers out there are super expensive, and its way cheaper than getting an apple watch (if you just want it for exercise).
  4. the syncing works SO well! : you just turn on the app and you can see how many steps you have taken, and also on this app you can track your calories and water.


  1. its not TOO cute! : if you are wearing a nice outfit it looks kinda gross with a nice outfit, but on everyday life, its PERF!
  2. the band gets DIRTY easily : it got so dirty so quickly! i used windex on the band itself when the thing inside was charging and it worked great.

the best thing this my sister lost her fitbit at vidcon, and she emailed fitbit and they are sending her another one! how nice is that!

so overall, i really enjoy the fitbit! very much!

if you like/dislike your fitbit please comment! i like to hear your thoughts too!

(this was not at all sponsored by fitbit)

kwe monogram(aka kate wins)


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