The Fab Five August 2015

hey guys

so lets get started with the fab five for august!

(little side note: i don’t own some of these things i just think they are so cute!)

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1. Poppin Assorted Zip Folios : these are just super cute for school (because its inevitable that school will start soon) !!

2. Fossil Sydney Satchel : this is an adorable purse, and i love the shape!

3. kate spade new york medium notebook : this is my favorite item, its a good size to jot notes on cute things i see when i am out or if i get a blog idea.

4. Macaron Phone Case : i mean obviously i LOVE macarons so this is a cute case i would love to have and (should make a diy of!)

5. Topshop Milo Split Back Sleeveless Top : i have this top in purple and just this color, *SWOON* its beautiful!

okay guys! i hope you enjoyed this


kwe monogram(aka kate wins)


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