My July/Mid August Haul

hey guys!

i wanted to show you guys my haul from july to mid august because I went on trips and got some cool things

*in no way am I trying to brag about what i have and i bought these all by myself with money i earned for myself*

cool stuff 22

first I got stuff from the lululemon outlet in gilroy

I got the Pleat To Street Skirt II and the Flow Y Bra IV


then, this was the best buy! i found at my local nordstrom this shep shirt from VV. I found this on the sale rack and it ended up being $50 instead of $125!! what a deal!

cool stuff 1

these are the next things i purchased

the UO Flamingo Makeup Bag, Voluspa Macaron Mini Candle, and a Day Designer


the last things I got was the medium teddy bow case and this bangle from kate spade.


kwe monogram(aka kate wins)


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