Fall Hats and Glasses Combos

hey guys!

so recently the wonderful company Salt City Optics  inspired me to share my favorite fall sunglasses and hats combo, and I knew exactly what I wanted to showcase

the wonderful RayBan ClubMaster and the RayBan Classic Wayfarer!

you can honestly style these sunglasses with any type of hat!

taylor swift with a fedora and some classic wayfarers!
look it how cute these club masters look with a fedora too!
look how cute the club masters are with fedoras!
classic wayfarers with an adorable blue beanie, perfect for fall!
the perfect blake lively strutting some original wayfarers!
beanies + clubmasters = best combo!
look it how cute the club masters pair with a light fedora and a striped shirt!

salt city optics is a wonderful company that features many fabulous sunglasses with an ability for prescription! If you want to look through their entire collection of prescription frames, see them here!

thanks for reading!


kwe monogram(aka kate wins!)


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