Life as a 15 Year Old Blogger

hey guys!

I was inspired by Paulina and Cathleen’s posts about being teenage bloggers and balancing that with your regular life. I really related with these two articles, and I love how these girls were able to share with their readers how they live.

here we go?


so obviously i go to school, and school is a big deal for me. I am a very hard worker and HATE being sick (especially if that means missing school!). I work hard in many honors classes during the day, and when the school day is over, that is just half of my day, I am an athlete, as many of you may know, (golf and basketball!) so when I finally get home (sometimes as late at 8) then I finally get to start homework.

the hardest thing for me is laying out a schedule so I am not overwhelmed, making sure I write those needed posts and making sure all of my homework is completed for to the best of my ability.

car rides to disney!
car rides to disney!

but I am also a teenager, I love going out with my friends for brunch and shopping and i love to watch netflix ( I am currently watching HIMYM for the 3rd time!).


sometimes M&M comes before life, missing football games aren’t a big deal, but sometimes my blog feels like I miss so much! but I really don’t miss as much as it sounds. I get to go to fun places to take pictures for my blog, I get to go to fabulous restaurants and share my food pic with you guys!

wynn 7

M&M is my passion, I honestly love being a blogger, and wouldn’t have it any other way!

hope y’all enjoyed!

please comment if you relate/liked this article!


kwe monogram(aka kate wins!)


2 thoughts on “Life as a 15 Year Old Blogger

  1. I really love this, and I have the same situation as you do! I’m so busy during the day, but I always feel like my blog is that one thing that I have to myself, but also something I get to share with so many other people 🙂


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