Learn to Be Kind to Yourself

hey guys!

for me, its really hard for me to be kind to myself because I am a perfectionist. I am so hard on myself, I don’t miss school because I feel like I will miss too much, but sometimes when you are really sick, you HAVE to stay home. I am starting to learn to be kinder to myself, I am slowly starting by when I make a mistake to not be so hard on myself.

so since this is so close to my life, i wanted to share some ways you can learn to be kinder to your self.

1 // Spend Sometime Appreciating Yourself : I am trying to write in my journal, in a journal I am writing about all of the good things I have done, and trying to put the hard things out of my mind.

2 // Don’t Beat Yourself Up Over One Bad Thing : This is the biggest thing for me, If I don’t do well on an assignment in school, I automatically break down and it ruins my entire day.

3 // Spend Some Time Alone : When I say alone, I mean no devices, and no way to break yourself down. You can do this simply by taking a nap, reading a interesting book, or even draw.

4 // Forgive Yourself : This is also a big thing for me, when I make a mistake, I never forgive myself, I always take it on me, and I never forgive myself, which I should do.

5 // TREAT YO SELF : Take a day to treat your self, as they say in Parks and Rec “TREAT YO SELF!” whether it is a day of shopping, going to a favorite theme park,  just staying home to watch netflix (i don’t mean netflix and chill) or going to the spa. Use this as a day to chill out, and completely destress.

how do you guys be kind to yourselves?

hope you guys enjoyed this little article! I hope that it was helpful, it actually was really helpful for me to write it!


kwe monogram(aka kate wins!)


3 thoughts on “Learn to Be Kind to Yourself

  1. These are all great tips! I like to take a moment every once in a while (mostly whenever I’m super stressed or very negative) to think about all the good things that came from a situation or event, instead of staying fixated on just one bad thing. It’s so hard to do sometimes, but over time, it starts to happen more naturally 🙂


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