DIY Monogram Pumpkin!

hey guys!

i have been seeing a lot of cute preppy pumpkins lately so I wanted to share a little diy that I did with my pumpkins to make them look so cute! this is the perfect little diy for halloween or fall!

so lets get started!

things you need!

things you need

you essentially just need a pumpkin, glitter and elders liquid school glue

but its also helpful to have a black sharpie, toothpicks and a boba straw (or any old straw)


start by outlining your initials (or you don’t have to do this if you can just free hand it, but its hard to do it freehand)

and start putting the glue on the pumpkin


I would recommend that you put the glue on a plate and spread it with a tooth pick, thats what I ended up doing, it was much easier!

and when you are done putting on the glue, start putting glitter on and then shake it off! use the boba saw (or any other straw) to blow the excess glitter off, believe me its way easier!

your final product will look a lot like this! (with your own initials of course!)


hope you enjoyed this little diy!

if you like this, or end up making one of your own please tag me or comment!



kwe monogram(aka kate wins!)


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