Preppy Last Minute Halloween Costumes

hey guys!

man halloween is saturday, and i am not prepared, AT ALL! so this post is kinda helpful for me and for all y’all!

I am writing this post about last  minute preppy halloween costumes, including stuff we should all have in our closets.

okay guys! lets get started!


cher and dionne (always a classic)

all you need for this is a plaid skirt and top, and all of the sass to pull it off!


or you could go as crazy vv girl!

all you need is all of the vineyard vines thongs from your closet and you are good!


you could go as the channels from scream queens!

pick out your favorite plain pastel dress and pearls, or

Article Lead - wide1000775784gju3h2image.related.articleLeadwide.729x410.gju3jc.png1443570127186.jpg-620x349

your best pink gear!

1 SQ_Chanel_Stare

and pair it with some sunglasses and the most sass possible to be channel #1



you can be blair and serena!

a plaid skirt with a white button up top! and a tie for a little extra!

hope you guys enjoyed and have a happy halloween!


kwe monogram (aka kate wins!)


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