How to get into the Holiday Spirit

hey guys!

i know its not even thanksgiving yet but man y’all should be getting in the mood starting now with these easy (not christmas decorating wise) fun little things to do.

okay guys here we go!

  1. volunteer at a soup kitchen or give some food to people who are in need:

– by helping people in need by giving to your local soup kitchens you can help to feel even more winter-y! or fall-y!

2.   bake cookies:

– you can start by these cute little turkey sugar cookies or these cute pumpkin pie sugar cookies

3.   make your christmas list:

– you can start a little early, so you don’t forget what you actually want

4.  eat and drink everything pumpkin:

–  PSLs and any pumpkin themed bread or cookie or cupcake

5. start planning your upcoming holiday parties:

– this is seriously my favorite thing, just to start planning all holiday events early


kwe monogram(aka kate wins!)


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