How To Get Free Preppy Stickers!

hey guys!

today I am gonna share how I got some of my preppy stickers that i have, and also share ones that I have!

okay lets get started! a foreword: sorry for the cruddy pictures!

photo 5

Screen Shot 2015-11-29 at 5.04.30 PMSouthern Marsh:

you can get these free southern marsh stickers by filling out THIS sticker request form, and you get to pick any color that you want!

photo 6.JPG


you can fill out a sticker request form HERE or you can email them ( and tell them that you love their company and just simply ask for their stickers!

photo 3.JPG

Jadelynn Brooke:

you can fill out their sticker request form HERE and they sent you such a cute little not with the stickers! I fell in LOVE with their company after getting their stickers!

photo 1

Vineyard Vines:

You can send an email to get this adorable sticker (you will also get it with any purchase you can make!). You can email and plead nicely! I told them that I was in love with their company (WHICH I AM!) and also that I would really love to have one! They might ask for your address in your reply (and they will send it to you!) but I didn’t get this sticker recently so this process might not work anymore!

photo 4.JPG

Sperry Top-Siders:

You can email and tell them that you love sperry and that you would love some of their stickers!

photo 2.JPG

Krass and Co:

you can fill out this contact form HERE  and select sticker request, or you can always get stickers with a purchase from Krass and Co, and using this link you can get 15% off!using this link you can get 15% off!

anyway guys! I hope you all enjoyed this little post on getting stickers which by the way are extremely fun receiving in the mail! hope you enjoyed, and comment if you know any other preppy stickers and ways to get these stickers!


kwe monogram(aka kate wins!)


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