Merry Christmas Eve + My Christmas Day Routine

hey guys!

merry christmas (eve)! this entire week I have been preparing for christmas by decorating and wrapping presents! now by christmas eve I finally feel ready for christmas!

so in this post, I am going to share my christmas day routine. here we go!

as a kid I woke up really early on christmas … not so much anymore! I probably wake up at like 8:30 (which is much later than what I would do as a child!) and make some cocoa with marshmallows to drink.

then I proceed to open gifts, and i completely tear everything up to open my gifts because I am so excited.

in the afternoon I cook with my dad to prepare christmas dinner, which every year we host at my house, and my dad makes different food every year (and this year we are making turkey with all the fixings!) but in the past we have made homemade ravioli and different homemade sauces.

in the evening my whole family comes over to my house to eat dinner and open the presents we have for each other!

and then I sleep because christmas is over 😦

hope you enjoyed this! share what you are having for christmas dinner!


kwe monogram(aka kate wins!)


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