Macarons and Marchesa Christmas Haul

hey guys!

today I am sharing some of my presents from christmas (the picture of these gifts is above!) I am sharing my favorites some of which I have already used!

so here we go!

in front of my tree christmas morning I received:

-an olive and june gift card :from my sister, and I am WAYYY too excited to use this to get my nails done, and i am excited for the bonding with my sister

kate spade bow earrings  :i actually got these on christmas eve to wear on christmas eve which I did, and I absolutely love them and I am wearing them to any friends birthday parties!

stan smith pink adidas :right after I opened these bad boys I tried them on, and didn’t take them off all day! they are so comfortable and I thought they would be heavy but they aren’t so they are great!

kate spade maise purse :FINALLY, to say the least I received this purse! I have wanted this purse for at least a year now, and now i have it! YAY! and i put my mini maise keychain on it! how adorable!

starbucks macaron cup :this was my favorite gift this christmas! as macarons and marchesa herself I needed a macaron mug, and now I finally have one! I just love this cup (i have used it everyday now!)

anyway guys, that is pretty much it! please like this article if you enjoyed it and comment what you received for christmas!


kwe monogram(aka kate wins!)


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