M&M Year in Review

hey guys!

hows life? i can’t believe that it’s almost 2016! and I will be 16 soon, which is even crazier for me, so today I was gonna write a little post of my year in review, so yeah let’s get started!

february 2015:

Screen Shot 2015-12-29 at 12.44.58 AM.png

I went to my first winter formal, and I wrote posts about picking my formal dress, and getting ready for formal

march 2015:


in march i wrote posts like my school favorites, my get fit favorites, and I introduced my 1001 in 101 days.  I went to roger’s gardens in Corona del Mar and wrote a post about succulents, and how much I loved them!

april 2015:


in april my posts included how to take better iphone pictures, and I shared my experience with my media fast! i went to disneyland in april and wrote two posts about it, about what to wear and my personal pictures from the day. also lilly pulitzer for target came out and i shared my experience with this collection.

may 2015:


in may i turned 15, and i wrote posts about the health benefits of matcha green tea, tips for final exams and what I have learned playing high school sports. and in may I got glasses for convergence insufficiency and shared my experience with getting an eye exam.

june 2015:

Summer 2015 Bucket List_MacaronsANDMarchesa

in june i felt very summery so many of my posts relayed that feeling, i wrote posts like my summer favorites, my summer bucket list, my workout routine and easy ways to make some more money!

july 2015:


in july on the blog i shared posts like my summer gift guide, how to spruce up your room for summer, and behind the instagram (where I showed how I edited my images!) I shared a post about my fourth of july weekend and a weekend in my summer! and I also received a pair of birkenstocks and experimented on how i should wear them.

august 2015:


in august I shared posts about my fitbit, confessions of a teenage blogger, and back to school de-stressers. and I visited northern california and wrote a post called dessert before dinner about ice cream. and I shared recipes from pinterest that I would like to try (and I tried them!)

september 2015:


in september I visited a restaurant called bottega louie (and wrote a post about it) and it became my blog’s aesthetic. I also shared posts like my favorite macaron items, 10 preppy things to invest in, and my fall wishlist.

october 2015:


in october I redesigned my blog! and showed how I did in this post! I also wrote posts like fall hats and glasses combos, learning to be kind to yourself and life as a 15 year old blogger. I also celebrated macarons and marchesa’s 1st birthday! and did a diy for a monogram pumpkin.

november 2015:


I wrote posts about my favorite quotes, how to get into the holiday spirit and starting basketball again. I started to get into the holiday spirit by sharing my favorite holiday iphone cases and my favorite comfy pullovers!

december 2015:


in december I had a post about getting free preppy stickers and a post about winter outfits! i had many posts about presents like: my full christmas wishlist, gift guides for her, stocking stuffers and my christmas haul! I also did an update on my life recently.

hope you enjoy this year in review!


kwe monogram(aka kate wins!)


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