My New Year’s Resolutions

hey guys!

happy new year! I can’t believe its already 2016 (my mind is blown!!) and soon I will be turning 16, I will get my license and my sister will graduate!

and do you guys like this photo of me? photo credit to that guy at cars land at disney california adventure!

so today I wanna share my new years resolutions for 2016! I am gonna talk about what they are, and how I will try to do them. Since I will have blogged them it might be way easier or I may be forced to make them stick! here we go!

  1. Stop Procrastinating :
    1. I am going to use my planner to plan my schedule and make sure I check my school’s website more often (for homework needs).
  2. Improve My Concentration:
    1. By using apps like FocusNow on my IPhone or Self Control on my computer I will learn to concentrate better so I pay better attention to more important things.
  3. Reduce My Stress:
    1. I will try to schedule better, and by doing that, I will get things done in less time, and not be so stressed out when I don’t have enough time.
    1. I will block netflix on my computer during time when I am busy, and I will plan on working more to watch less, and not binge watch so hard.
  5. Volunteer More
    1. This may seem totally selfish, but I feel happier when I do stuff for others, so i have fun when I volunteer, so this year I plan on volunteering more.

hope you enjoy this little article about my new year’s resolutions and that you guys are excited for this upcoming year 2016! I am excited for what this year has to bring for everyone!

comment your new year resolutions and like if you enjoy any of my resolutions!


kwe monogram(aka kate wins!)


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