Why Do I Blog? 

hey guys!

how many times do I get this question? I get this question way too much, so today I wanted to explain to all of you guys why I blog!

let’s get started:

WHY? :

  • I blog so I can share my opinions, you guys must know it I mean I do so many reviews and I do posts about the things that I enjoy, and the things I think you will also enjoy!
  • I blog so I can use time wisely! I mean I plan my schedule to make sure I am leaving enough time for homework and my after school activities! It helps me stay on task knowing that I have to get something done, and I have a scheduled amount of time to do it in.
  • I blog because I like to write. Writing is a big passion for me, and if I can find a good platform to do it on, even better!
  • I blog because I love it! I honestly wouldn’t blog if I didn’t like it, I mean it’s gets long and sometimes very tedious but it’s honestly so much fun at the end of the day to see something that I work so much for looking good, and other people enjoying it!

Hope you enjoy! Comment and Like if you are a blogger! And tell me why you love to be a blogger!


  Kate Wins


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