My Favorite New School Supplies

hey guys!

you know when its the new year and need new pens just because they are running out of ink, and there aren’t that many left! well i know this feeling, as a collector of school supplies myself (have I mentioned that I am obsessed) i wanted to share with you guys my favorite school supplies for the new year! lets get started shall we?


muji gel pens! : from a store called muji these pens are my absolute favorites! i use them all the time because they are such good quality and come in many fun colors!


erin condren geodes planner: this is my absolute favorite thing ever! I AM WAY TOO OBSESSED WITH MY PLANNER! i have a kw in the front (where JS is) and have this exact cover (called blue geode) and will write a post soon about it!


kate spade idiom pencil set: these are the cutest little pencils to bring up your spirits , and who wouldn’t want some Kate Spade in their pencil case!


stabilo pens!: you have probably seen these on pinterest before, and I have been wanted them for a very long time and I finally purchased them for my self and couldn’t be happier, they are the best!

hope you enjoy this post!


kwe monogram(aka kate wins!)



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