Everyday Necklaces that Preppy Girls Should Own

hey guys!

happy thursday! i hope you have had a great week! i have a busy one with finals coming up, so there will be no post on tuesday but macarons and must haves will be up and running on thursday again, and the post for sunday will be scheduled!

so today I wanted to talk about necklaces, personally I love necklaces and would wear them everyday (but I leave them off for basketball) but anyway, I wanted to share some everyday necklaces that I think every preppy girl should own! lets get started!


  1. monogram necklace! : a preppy staple, easy to pair with every outfit and either big or small always looks classy! I like this cutout one from moon and lola and this one on a little disk from jane basch designs
  2. a pearl on a chain from dogeared: a perfect simplistic way to introduce pearls in a everyday outfit!
  3.  a pretty pendant necklace: I like this one from nadri! its so shiny and so very beautiful!

Screen Shot 2016-01-12 at 10.05.54 AM

so hope you enjoyed this post! please comment if you have any other ideas for preppy everyday necklaces!  also see ya on sunday!


kwe monogram(aka kate wins!)


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