How to Get Focused for Finals

hey guys!

I have finals next week, as you may or may not know 🙂 but I had have recent problems with getting focused into the finals that I am studying for, so I am putting together some of my tips from last year, and my tips from this year to help you guys get focused for finals! here we go:

  1. Use Self Control to block Websites that Might Distract You: For example, I have now blocked Kate Spade, Netflix, Twitter, Instagram and Nordstrom from my computer so I don’t get distracted online browsing.
  2. Take A 10 Minute Break Between Every Hour: I don’t know what works for you guys, but 10 minute breaks work for me. In these breaks, I have a snack, paint my nails, organize something in my room or read a fun book (aka not school books!). But my suggestion is to NEVER take a nap in that 10 minutes, because your 10 minute break will become much longer.
  3. Use a Goal: My personal goal is to ace all of my finals, why? Because I want to buy myself a new pair of leggings, so all over my house I have printed out a picture of those leggings and are using them as inspiration to ace my finals, and if I don’t ace my finals I won’t buy myself the beautiful Black Sonar Tights from Athleta (personally their sonar leggings are the only ones I will buy from now on!)

I hope these few little tips helped you! Also if you have already taken finals what are tips you should suggest for me? Comment down below!

Thanks! xoxo

kwe monogram(aka kate wins!)


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