Things I’m Excited for Next Semester

hey guys!

i just finished my finals today! YAY! so on tuesday I start my new semester, so today I wanted to share why i am excited for this new semester ahead of me!

  1. MY YOGA CLASS! : I am taking a yoga class this semester and I am way too excited to take this class! I am excited to have a little break out of school to just have yoga! very excited for this! also I am very excited because of the clothes,I am buying some cute inexpensive leggings from forever 21.
  2. Starting Fresh: Its very nice to just be able to start fresh on a new semester even though I did pretty well this semester!
  3. New Books in English Class: I am excited to start new books in my english class! It makes me so inspired to read more!
  4. MORE BLOGGING: I am very excited to blog more (because I will have more time!) and I just get so into blogging when I am not so busy!

hope y’all enjoyed this short little post!

comment reasons you are excited for whatever you are starting new!


kwe monogram(aka kate wins!)


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