hey guys!

so today I wanted to share with you guys my planner, and how I organize, it and why I love it and why I think you will love it too!

so without further ado, lets get things started!

the planner: Erin Condren , Geodes Life Planner in Turquoise 

Screen Shot 2016-02-06 at 3.43.51 PM

and it was personalized with my first and last initials! how cute!

and inside …


there are always beautiful insides!

what I love most about this planner:

  • different color every month!
  • I love the layout, how each day has adequate spacing, unlike other planners that make saturday and sunday share one little space
  • I LOVE the little space for notes and the “thankful thought” in the corner, which I love to look back and think about what my life was like when I look back.
  • there are sticker pages in the back, with stickers like “hair appt @” and “concert”, “vacation” or “party” and blank stickers to fill in your own important events!
  • the beautiful covers that can be personalized with your initials whole name or what ever that you want!

anyway! thank you very much Erin Condren for creating this beautiful planner as well as so many other beautiful products!

please comment back to me if you have any questions about the planner, or how I use it!



kwe monogram(aka kate wins!)



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