An Update on Kate (January – Mid Feb 2016)

hey guys!

so I am starting a new segment, called an Update on Kate where I will do a monthly update on my life, and I will share some recent pictures

y’all ready? lets go:

so I just finished basketball season, and now I have starting taking art classes after school and I am really having an adventure with that!

I went to winter formal on february 19th, and I WAS IN LOVE WITH HOW I LOOKED (not meaning to sound in love with myself)


here is the squad and I taking a basic selfie and its just so cute!


and heres just a few more with other friends

and in the end of january I went to disneyland!


first of all, typical blogger , my camera is always on my body! especially at disneyland!


my squad and I on splash mountain, (this wasn’t the big drop you can tell because we are all smiley still and not screaming) and her phone survived! it didn’t get wet and w still got that cute selfie!


and finally I will explain, I have been seeing this cup online and I was way too obsessed with it! I loved star wars so much, especially BB8, so all day I hunted for this cup, and when I got it I was way too excited, and my friends decided that they wanted to snapchat it!

and btw:


my shirt gives me life, not meaning to go all girls school on ya but so many people commented on it! I don’t really shop at brandy melville a lot, but this shirt spoke to me, so I had to own it anyway

anyway guys! I hope you have a great upcoming week!

thanks for reading!


kwe monogram(aka kate wins!)



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