March Playlist + My Fave Music

hey guys!

so I guess I have never said anything about this but I am a huge musical theatre nerd! like I LOVE LOVE LOVE listening to music from broadway musicals.

I assume you have heard of hamilton (first of all who hasn’t) and they recently won a grammy (and performed at the grammys)

635895910639796078-410967101_alex hamilton .gif

but its a broadway musical about alexander hamilton, and its a rap musical! i know, i know it sounds lame, but I promise you its very good, and you can listen to its music below in my spotify playlist:

hamilton playlist

but I wanted to share a march playlist that hi-lited my favorite broadway music songs, so here (below) is my march playlist with my favorite broadway music:

march spotify playlist 

so guys, I hope that you enjoy these playlists and that you will take a listen to them, even if you are not particularly fans of musical theatre!

i hope you enjoyed and comment if you like my playlists, or if you like musical theatre and think I should listen to anything special!

kwe monogram(aka kate wins!)


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