The Macarons and Must Haves Alphabet

hey guys!

today I wanted to do a list post, specifically a macarons and must haves alphabet with one or two different topics for each letter! i just thought this would be fun for me, and fun for you to read!

lets go:

A- attire & ambition

B – bows & boots

C- colorful (all of those pink accents!) & classy

D- diamonds (#buymesome!) and dresses

E- essentials! (ie monogram necklaces, she shirts etc)

F- flamingos

G- golf gals!

H- headbands! (lulu, tortoise or etc!)

I – identity

J- j. crew

K- kate spade and KJP

L- lilly pulitzer & ll bean

M- MONOGRAMS (of course) and macarons

N- new england

O- oxfords

P- plaid ( what I wear everyday!) and pearls!

Q- quilted vests!

R- ralph lauren & rush

S- sandals & sandy beaches

T- travel & tiffany


V-vineyard vines

W- whales!

X- xoxoxo!

Y-yves san laurent


hope that you enjoy this post! have a great rest of thursday and friday!


kwe monogram(aka kate wins!)


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