April Word of the Month: Aesthetic

hey guys!

so its finally april, which is going to be a VERY busy month! so I am excited for what I have in store for my blog 🙂 and what i have in store for my life that I can share on my blog!

so lets get started:

so the word that i picked for this month is


i picked aesthetic because its my current favorite word. the word aesthetic is a noun that according to google means “a set of principles underlying and guiding the work of a particular artist or artistic movement.” i use this word in explaining things that i like which i now say that they “go in my aesthetic” a sample of things that are in my aesthetic would be monogram necklaces, martha’s vineyard houses or bottega louie, and things not in my aesthetic would include tattoos, ripped jeans or muscle tees.

how will i try to be more “aesthetic” this month?

aesthetic is ALSO A ADJECTIVE! as an adjective it means having a sense of the beautiful; characterized bya love of beauty.” how i will be using aesthetic? good question, i am planning on fixing my aesthetic, making sure that it match, as I want it to. I also want to be more thoughtful of other’s aesthetics, making sure i don’t focus on making other peoples aesthetics more like mine. 

hope you enjoyed this article!


kwe monogram



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