April – Stress Awareness Month

hey guys!

so if you guys might know april is stress awareness month! perfect month for me right!!!

so today I am going to talk about dealing with stress and how stressed out I basically am, so ready lets go:

TEENAGERS: we get STRESSED out i mean we have a lot with on our plate with school and extracurriculars all with the added stress of hormones and the fleeting years before we become an adult, and if THAT isn’t enough we have college to look forward to.


no not fun, so i will share the things that stress me out the most, here we go:

  1. school
  2. homework
  3. teachers
  4. sports
  5. art projects (the kinds with impending due dates)
  6. college
  7. the college process
  8. when adults ask me “what I want to be” (check my reaction here)
  9. lack of sleep
  10. biology projects about endangered animals (heres to you ms. peters)
  11. TRIG
  12. planning the classes I am taking next year

and how do I deal with stress, some would say not very well (thank you sister)!!

anyway, here is how i do it, i don’t know how/if they can help you but they ALWAYS help me!

here we go:

  • listen to hamilton
  • watch saved by the bell, gossip girl, new girl, 90210 etc
  • draw on my ipad
  • water color
  • sleep
  • online shopping
  • real life shopping

and thats pretty much it!

hope you enjoy! please let me know how you all deal with stress by commenting!


kwe monogram(aka kate wins!)



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