hey all!

so random right, but today may 19th 2016 is my 200th post!

i can’t believe it i feel like that is so many posts, so in honor of my 200th post i want to share my 40 favorite books / videos / links / pages / items to buy so here we go:

  1. these converse jack purcell shoes
  2. these pens
  3. this book
  4. the movie trailer of number 3 
  5.  MY GIVEAWAY (ends 5/25/16!) MY GIVEAWAY (ends 5/25/16!)
  6. this song 
  7. these leggings
  8. food photography tips
  9. this blog 
  10. this blog post
  11. making on-demand geotags 
  12. this video  (about college mascots)
  13. these earrings 
  14. diy flamingo shoes
  15. this book 
  16. matcha green tea truffles
  17. these sandals 
  18. how to tightline eyes
  19. inslee art blog
  20. this video
  21. the organized student blog 
  22. diy paper marbeling 
  23. fitbit alta
  24. butternut squash carbonara 
  25. backdrop for photos
  26. this video  (hamilton)
  27.  lip crayons 
  28.  makeup checklist
  29.  homemade baked pita chips 
  30.  best eye shadow combos
  31. this video (sutton foster singing anything goes)
  32.  bacon and asparagus pasta
  33. better instagram photos better instagram photos 
  34.  anthropology diy coaster
  35.  studyblr 
  36.  diy monogrammed shoes 
  37.  makeup blush mistakes 
  38.  carmelized onion tart 
  39. baked soft pretzels
  40. blog series

okay, so i made it to 40! thats a important goal anyway! so i hope y’all will have a great friday and see you on sunday!


kwe monogram(aka kate wins!)


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