How I Study!

hey all!

so in my last post i mentioned that i have finals next week, i kinda feel like UGH, but at the same time i am ready for it to be summer

so i was watching a video from ASAP Science a few weeks ago  about study tips and while watching i they mentioned that its not great to listen to music while studying.

and i was confused, i ALWAYS listen to music while studying (like the classical no lyric kind) and i thought it was helpful but i tested out last week and realized for me at least that no music worked better! WHO KNEW!! anyway if you want i implore you to at least try / try without music because turns out it can REALLY make a difference either way for y’all!

and i was like, easy maybe ill share with y’all how i study and i realized that would be a great idea so here we go:

so my first step is usually a info web or outline

i start with the title of my info in the middle and move out with the info, this is a good jumping off point for me, perfect for getting my info together and re-written!

then i tend to move to flashcards or quizlet

Screen Shot 2016-05-21 at 3.11.07 PM

after that i tend to just move in to my “teach mode” i go on as if i was a teacher myself and verbally speak through my lesson to anyone (friend, classmate, mom, dad, sister, grandma, dog, etc.) anyone really who will listen!

anyway all! i hope that you enjoyed this is pretty much how i do my thang! if you have any ideas with me please FEEL FREE to share them in the comments section!



kwe monogram(aka kate wins!)




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