June Word of the Month: Unforgettable

hey all!

now that i am done with finals…


its finally summer! and i am an upperclassman!!!

so i was thinking, oh my gosh, its june already, so i remembered that i had to set my monthly intention, and here it is…

i hope this june is


i picked the word unforgettable because i hope my summer is unforgettable. this summer i plan on getting my license and being able to drive any place i want (with my parents permission of course!) also its my sister’s last summer before college so i hope that we have some unforgettable experiences! and friends of course, spending more time creating those moments that we love to have together. according to google, unforgettable is an adjective meaning impossible to forget; very memorable

how will i try to be more ‘unforgettable’ this summer?

this month i plan on having fun in my break by doing the things that i love with the people that i love, and by this i will be developing myself more and my own voice will be able to shine as an unforgettable force.

well i hope y’all enjoyed! have a happy thursday and a great start of june!


kwe monogram(aka kate wins!)



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