My Summer 2016 Bucket List

hey all!

so its the summer before my junior year now, and i felt as if before the summer “dies” i should do all the things that i want to do right?

so i made this bucket list, it includes things i wanna do, places i want to visit and goals i would like to accomplish

lets get started:

  1. go to sockerbit
  2. make homemade pasta
  3. try out different local yoga studios (to find a perfect fit for me!)
  4. go to katsuya
  5. complete my first round of college prep testing
  6. visit disneyland
  7. go to diddy riese
  8. run a blog giveaway
  9. try to get out more often with friends
  10. go to perch 
  11. go swimming!
  12. watch fireworks
  13. go to alfreds tea
  14. visit la flower mart
  15. try to take more pictures
  16. go to cafe gratitude
  17. organize my closet and get rid of unnecessary clothes
  18. get my makeup organized
  19. go to  gracias madre
  20. stay a weekend in newport beach

i hope you enjoy!


kwe monogram(aka kate wins!)


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