June: National Dairy Month

hey all!

so did you know that june is national dairy month? well i didn’t until a few days ago.

strange it seems, well why june? i have no idea! but i have a very interesting relationship with dairy…

now, i will tell you something , i am an (self proclaimed) ice cream expert who is lactose intolerant. NOW THIS IS AN OXYMORON, how can i love ice cream and not be able to digest it (i have no idea) there is something called self control (which i don’t have) but i have learned to suffer the consequences and just not care!

so in honor of national dairy month, i will  be sharing 5 lactose free ice cream or sorbets, lets get started:

#1: Clean Eating Pineapple Dole Whip:


have you ever been to disneyland or the dole plantation and had one of these beauties? well its basically magical pineapple frozen yogurt (WITH NO DAIRY!) one of the favorites things that i can make at home (easy usually takes about 5 minutes or so) and is so natural!

i especially like this recipe for dole whips from Dashing Dish

#2: Peach Sorbet:


i love the taste of peach, like what is better than that! well in this dairy free number from Martha Stewart, you get the magnificent taste of this fruit without the consequences of regular dairy peach ice cream!

this recipe is so fresh (and so easy) and is sure to make your taste buds sing!

#3: Melon Sorbet:


this is not the traditional watermelon sorbet, but this looks great (seeing as i haven’t tasted it YET) the best trick about this recipe from A Beautiful Mess, is that no machine is necessary which means you don’t have to buy another appliance just to make ice cream!

#4: Sorbet WITH ANY FRUIT!!!:


this recipe made me so excited when i first tried it, i mean i am naturally a fruit-y flavor kind of girl rather than tradition flavors. my family and i love this recipe base, and we have made it with Roasted Apricots and Watermelons. AND LET ME JUST TELL YOU, the roasted apricot sorbet that my family makes is the absolute BOMB, and i might just be willing to share the recipe soon!

this is a great base from The Kitchn

#5: 5-Minute Healthy Strawberry Frozen Yogurt:


you may have seen this on pinterest before, seeing as it comes up on my feed all the time, but this looks great! i have yet to try this but it seems very simple (and honestly VERY delicious) and i know i know, this recipe has yogurt in it, but i do as i would do anywhere else, just modify get lactose free yogurt and i am sure this will be just as good!

anyway! i hope y’all are having a great day!


kwe monogram(aka kate wins!)


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